Book about a lab rat who sings and has a fro?
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What is this book? For kids, about a scientist's assistant who breaks into the lab safe one night and finds potions that he feeds to the lab rat. Hilarity and mayhem ensues.

It's a children's book, thin paperback, roughly 8.5"x11". Really fun illustrations...on the inside cover there were blueprints of funny Rube Goldberg-type inventions.

The story was (I think) about a lab assistant left to watch the experiments all night when the scientist goes home. He breaks into the scientist's safe and finds mysterious potions that he decides to test on the lab rat before taking himself. One of them makes the rat grow human-sized, another makes the rat grow a big, red 'fro, another gives the rat a beautiful singing voice, etc. Thinking they're safe, the assistant takes them but they all backfire; he's shrunk to rat-size and the rat puts him in a cage and then goes out to party. Or something.

Any idea what this book could be? It would have come out sometime in the 90s. I thought it would be more easily googlable, but I have failed.
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Best answer: OK, nevermind, I found it. It's a guinea pig. That makes all the difference.

The answer, for future searchers, is Professor Puffendorf's Secret Potions.
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