Help me find this little toy.
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I'm trying to track down a little novelty toy I remember from childhood, the elusive "magic blooming clam shell."

The toy was a small clam shell that you dropped into a glass of water. The shell would then slowly open up and a red paper flower would emerge from the shell and "bloom" in the glass of water.

I was four or five years old, so this would have been 1989, 1990.
I have no idea where my parents got them, but I have the vague impression this was a Chinese/Asian toy. We lived in the midwestern US. (I did ask my parents--they don't remember where they got this either). I've tried every combination of search words I can think of, and I haven't been able to find anything about it online.

Does anyone know if they still make these, and where I could get some? I recall it was a neat little toy, although I mostly just want the nostalgia rush. Thanks for any leads you can provide!
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Best answer: Look!
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Response by poster: YAY! That's got to be it--I remember the little paper slip that wrapped around the shell like that!

Too bad it appears to be vintage and likely no longer manufactured, I was hoping to stock up. But thanks!
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Ask Toy Joy. If anyone will know, they will. And if they have them and won't ship them to you, I or another Austin MeFite could.
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I remember them too, and all I've been able to find so far is a painting of them.
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