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What "base oil" should be used for diluting essential oils to make perfume?

I got my daughter a kit of essential perfume oil so she can make her own perfume. Unfortunately, the kit came without a base oil to do the dilutions. She's tried some of the on-line recommended oils (glycerin, vegetable oils) but they seem too ... well, oily. Are we just being too fussy, or are there better liquids to use?
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You can use an alcohol base instead of an oil base. Vodka is commonly used. This site recommends a 100 proof vodka (no smell) and notes different proportions you can try.
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Have you tried diluting with alcohol? Does it mix?
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Well, duh. I should have thought of that - anybody know why the sites I ran into (mostly health/healing/herbal) went with oils and didn't mention alcohol?
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If you dilute it with oil, you're not going to get a perfume. You're going to get a scented oil, which is usually used for massage-stuff.

If you want to make perfume, you need to dilute it with a high concentration alcohol; rubbing alcohol will not dissolve it properly. Vodka is okay, everclear is better. Or you can buy perfumer's alcohol; I got a bunch a long time ago from an online vendor called Snowdrift Farm.

fwiw, I very frequently make perfume from oils so I'm certain about all this.
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You can also make solid perfumes with a base of jojoba oil and beeswax.
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Thanks, everybody - problem solved!

Nattie, I ended up getting Everclear so the perfume creation process can get going, but we'll keep our eyes out for the perfumer's alcohol for the future.
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