What was this toy...?
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Name-that-toy filter. Difficulty : probably sold in the 60s or 70s in the UK...

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Each block like that was a 'house' in the minds of my brother and me.

The houses stacked on top of each other to make tower blocks, and they came in strips 1, 2 or 4 houses long. There were smaller houses which fitted into the groove on the top of the awful drawing above. There were also roofs which were the same theory, but no height to the 'walls'.

All the houses were white, and all the roofs were pillar-box red.

Each house was probably 40mm to a side, and were made out of the same sort of plastic (and the same sort of thickness) as Lego bricks.

But they definitely weren't any kind of lego. They're completely hollow in the middle.

Does anyone else remember them?
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I had the same toy. I can't remember anything more about it, except I think you're wrong about the plastic--it was slightly softer than Lego, with a surface that picked up scratches.

I have a very, very vague recollection of it being 'foreign' in some way.

That's probably no help whatsoever.
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Yeah... I remember them too. But only in the same detail that you do, so no help at all really. It's bugging me now.
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Duplo? Made by Lego, but differing from proper Lego.
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