I readed a story, but I forgetted it.
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I'm trying to find a short sci-fi story I read over 10 years ago that I barely remember. It may have involved some or all of the following: bicycle repair, ripe banana smelling bacteria used as deodorant and anti-libido medication.

I think it might have been from one of the "Year's Best Science Fiction" Anthologies, but I'm not sure, it could have been in a sci-fi pulp magazine I subscribed to for a few years who's name also alludes me. Here are the barely remembered things I can recall, in order of rememberedness, not actual relevance to the story's plot:
  • main character uses a bacteria application to prevent BO. He smells like ripe bananas.
  • main character is working a bicycle, perhaps a racing bicycle.
  • in order to concentrate on his work, he takes an anti-libido pill.
  • he meets a girl. she may or may not be some sort of spy. I think he nurses her back to health.
  • he lives in some sort of post crash world where his workshop is raised from the ground to prevent looters.
  • he receives nagging video phone calls from his mother.
So, Hivemind, can you give me a title and author?
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Bruce Sterling, Bicycle Repairman?
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I'll confirm that , it's published in Bruce Sterling's "A Good Old-fashioned Future" short story collection.
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Funny -- the story is apparently popular enough that it has its own Wikipedia page. It's also worth noting that Taklamakan, the next story in A Good Old Fashioned Future, is set in the same continuity and has a couple of glancing references to Lyle, the main character from Bicycle Repairman.

If you're looking for an instant fix, there are a couple of places where the two stories are posted in full online. Definitely pick up the collection, though. Most of the material is really good stuff with the classic Bruce Sterling vibe.
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yep, it's definitely Bicycle Repairman, thanks!
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It's in one of Dozois's Year's Best - somewhere in the mid to late teens, if I recall correctly. If it's helpful I can find it tonight when I get home.
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A wonderful book, the last 3 stories "Deep Eddie", this one and "Taklamakan" mentioned above cap off a great read.
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Funny -- the story is apparently popular enough that it has its own Wikipedia page.

Hugo Award winner. Any winner is presumed notable by default. Most winners have articles; many nominees do as well.
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