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What are the best boxer autobiographies?

Looking for first-person accounts of being a boxer. Autobiography, "as-told-to" books, oral history, even ghostwritten accounts.
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Jake La Motta's Raging Bull: My Story.
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Standing Eight. Not an autobiography.
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Thomas Hauser's biography of Ali is a must have. It is an authorized biography so much of it is in Ali's words., which is great, cause we all know he had a way with words.
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This Bloody Mary Is the Last Thing I Own, by Jonathan Rendall, is the best inside look at boxing ever written, in my opinion. Rendall is not a boxer, but he was a boxing writer and manager. It's a fascinating book, because he contrasts the Golden Age boxers he interviews with the young boxer he manages in the 1980s.
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On the off chance that you are also interested in fiction, Leonard Gardner's Fat City, the story of two struggling, small-time boxers in Stockton, CA, is widely considered one of the finest boxing novels ever written. Denis Johnson's take on it.
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The Sixteenth Round is the autobiography of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. His story is really interesting, though it's more about how he was falsely accused of murder than about his life as a boxer.
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The Greatest, from Muhammad Ali.
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King of The World, by David Remnick.

Also, Facing Ali, while perhaps not exactly what your looking for, profiles 15 fighters who fought Ali and is excellent
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Body and Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer is excellent.
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Two memoirs from female boxers which are very insightful and well-written:

Bruising: A Boxer's Story - Mischa Merz
The Boxer's Heart: How I Fell in Love with the Ring - Kate Sekules
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Sugar Ray Robinson's ghostwritten autobiography is a great read...Sugar Ray probably makes himself come off better than he really did with regards to some of his personal problems, but it's still good.

The Gloves by Robert Ansi gives great insights into modern NYC amateur boxing.
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Here's the link to the Anasi book.
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