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Where can I find out which World Cup qualifier matches are being televised, on what channels, and when?

I don't know why it's so incredibly hard to find out which matches are freely viewable. Not just world cup, even, but any matches. I understand they want to make many of them only available via premium packages and pay-per-view, but jesus. Is there a succinct, user-friendly clearinghouse for this sort of information?
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If you get ESPN 360 then there's a slew of games available there.
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ESPN 2, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Espanol show them as well as Univision on occasion.
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Setanta Sports and Fox Soccer Channel are where I saw all of the World Cup Quals for the last Cup. Setanta isn't cheap-$15 a month-but since I moved back to the states it is the only way I can keep up with my Rugby fixtures. Setanta has three live qualifier play-offs for tomorrow; Russia v. Slovenia, Greece v. Ukraine, and Portugal v. Bosnia-Herzegovina. FSC is showing a time delay of Friday's fixture with New Zealand v. Bahrain at 2am EST, and again at 4pm Sat. Here is a list of the schedule, scores, etc. Hope this helps.
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Soccer Insider, a Washington Post blog, lists the tv schedule every week. You can also check SoccerTVListing.com, and see the current day plus the next day's schedule.
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the 90th minute soccer blog (no relation) seems to be listing the times and stations by day, like here.
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