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Interior/exterior design memory loss: a few months ago I was casually flipping through one of the many interior design magazines on the shelf at Borders and saw an article about an amazing place that I'd love to find more details about. Unfortunately I was distracted and don't remember many details...

This is a long shot, but - a guy (likely German) had bought a turn-of-the-20th century square red brick mid-terrace house, like those you find in any UK working class town (here's an example), painted the exterior entirely black, had replaced the windows with smaller, ultra-modern brightly coloured glass and had gutted the insides to leave (as I remember) a super white and super minimal interior. It was stunning both for what it was, and for where it was.

I can't remember where this was, the guy's name or which magazine it was in, but based on this vague description, if anyone can help me to find pictures of this place, or any article about it online, I'll be deliriously happy.
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