They think it's all is now (for my current boots)
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What is the best 5-a-side football outdoor footwear? I play twice a week on modern outdoor five-a-side pitches (the ones with the little black rubber balls). My Nikes have finally given up the ghost and are being held together with gaffer tape at the moment. I thought Adidas Samba but my mate says they'd be wrecked in two matches. Any ideas? Ta.
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Samba are useless outdoors. Brilliant indoors on wooden floors, grip is second to none.

But outdoors, you may as well wear grease on your feet.
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Best answer: I wear adiNOVA TRX TFs on both the new pitches and the evil, knee-destroying, astro-over-concrete old ones, and they're excellent. The grip lasts about a year playing on the old pitches (this would last a lot longer if I was playing exclusively on the new style pitches), and the upper is pretty much indestructible.
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Response by poster: Got the adiNOVA off Amazon. Bargain too. Much cheaper than the official site. Thanks for the advice they look good too, understated. Didn't want anything blue or red.
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I see you've already made a decision but for the benefit of future readers, I bought a pair of Adidas Mundial Team for outdoor modern astroturf (with the little black balls) and dry grass play, and recommend them so far.
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Response by poster: They do look good too. Can I just add that everyone I play with says Nikes are comfortable but really don't last long - the sole normally comes away from the upper.
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They have a Samba-like feel (though only from memory as I haven't owned a pair of Sambas for many years) and the bonus for me was I was playing in screw-in studs and finding they got a bit stuck in the astro surface in heavy tackles. After yet another ligament sprain I switched to the Mundial Team and haven't had a problem since (4 months). They are not cheap but it was worth it to me given my dodgy knees.
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Seconding the Adidas Mundial Team. They're not cheap, but they're actual leather and thus quite durable.
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