How do I add mouseover text to links in Acrobate 6.0
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Acrobat 6.0 help needed! Linking text to an outside file and mouseover text... [more inside]

I know this has to be a simple thing to do, but I'm ready to get violent with my PC because I can't figure it out. I have a PDF that needs links added to it. Basically there are table headings which will link to Excel files. I can get that part to work, no problem. What I can't seem to do is to get some text to pop up on mouseover (basically to say something simple like "Link to Excel file") so that the user knows where the link will be taking them. I've noticed that if I link to a webpage, there's mouseover text that displays the web address, but if I'm just linking to a file, I get nothing.

I'm missing something, right? I must be missing something.
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