cross stitch stores in nyc or online?
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what are the best places to buy cross stitch supplies in nyc? manhattan or near-ish brooklyn preferable; happy to take online suggestions if that is, as usual, where the best options are.

i haven't cross stitched anything in about fifteen years but would like to make a present for a friend, something to put in a small frame. i've figured out how to make patterns from images online but i have zero supplies—no needle, no thread, no nothing—so i'd really appreciate any tips on procurement!
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if you need a lot of floss it's probably not the best suggestion, but target in brooklyn should have basic supplies.
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Targets carry floss? News to me.

Hrm. I've toured the Dick Blick in Manhattan and I've seen some floss there, I think, in their new sewing supplies endcap. I'd call first.

This seems to indicate Park Slope as your best bet.
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A Michael's just opened at 808 Columbus (same complex as the new Whole Foods)--I haven't been to that location, yet (there's a location in Woodside that I've trekked to a few times for hoops and other basic stuff), but if it's shiny and new it'll probably have good stock on everything you need.
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If you don't need a pattern, but just the basics (thread, needles, fabric, hoops), you'll find the best prices at aMichael's or A.C. Moore store.

Most NYC-area cross stitchers I know make the trip to Where Victoria's Angels Stitch in Clifton NJ. Personally, I no longer shop there after several bad experiences, but I seem to be in the minority. Their website includes bus directions.

For online shops, I've ordered from Silkweaver (hand-dyed fabrics), Down Sunshine Lane, 123 Stitch, and ABC Stitch and been very happy with their service. Note that most shops ship very fast, but if they are running a Columbus Day sale, that might slow things down.
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The Stitchery is very good for kits and some supplies and charts.

Herrschners is bad for kits, but good for supplies and excellent for floss and fabric.
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Michaels/Hobby Lobby/AC Moore/JoAnns, etc will have basics -- floss, needle, a small selection of charts, some precut fabric pieces.

My favorite online shops, in no particular order, and depending on what I'm looking for:
Nordic Needle
Mary Jane's Cross 'N Stitch
Stitches 'N Things
The Silver Needle
Wyndham Needleworks
ABC Stitch Therapy

I've found Herrschners to be very slow in actually shipping things.
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I came to recommend the Michaels in Queens, didn't know there was one in Manhattan now! Depending on where you hang out, the one in Queens might still be more convenient for you, it's just a couple of stops from Midtown on the R/V. They've got all the standard big suburban craft store staples.

P&S in Tribeca is my other fallback if I don't want to trek to Queens. They have a decent selection of floss and hoops along with other sewing supplies, and you get a discount if you pay cash.

Fiber Notion in Park Slope is small but pretty good. They don't have the selection that Michaels does but they're nice. Most of the other Park Slope-area craft stores (Brooklyn Mercantile, Brooklyn General) might be worth a look but can tend to be pretty overpriced.
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