Tunisian crochet hook sources?
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Where do I buy aluminum or bamboo Tunisian (afghan) crochet hooks in Los Angeles? Alternatively, is there a reputable online source for them? I'm looking for something in the smaller sizes-- it's for a scarf, so no size-Q monster hooks. I've seen plastic ones here and there, but I'm tough on plastic hooks and would prefer to avoid them. Thanks!
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Have you tried Wildfiber in Santa Monica? It's pretty large and well-stocked as far as yarn shops go, so I think it's likely that they'd have what you're looking for. (I don't crochet much so I've never paid much attention to the crochet stuff they carry, but I would be surprised if they don't have -- or couldn't order -- what you want.)
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Response by poster: Wildfiber doesn't carry crochet supplies except insofar as they're required for knitting (a handful of regular hooks), but thanks. (They're a block down the street from me.)
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Try the Happy Hooker in Chatsworth. Also Joann's and Michaels are worth a glance.

There is also a knitting store that is very nice on Walnut Ave in Pasadena, can't remember the name. You might also see if That Yarn Store in Eagle Rock is still open. The owners are VERY nice, and they will order something for you (unless they closed...)

I did see afghan hooks at Walmart before they reduced the craft area to one aisle...
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Not Los Angeles, but I bought some at A.C. Moore in PA---just your basic craft store, like Michaels or something. Have you called around to that sort of place?
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Just wanted to chime in that the place on Walnut in Pasadena is Skein. I don't know about their selection of crochet stuff, but you could call, I'm sure.
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Best answer: From Ms. Vegetable:

I LOVE the Chiao Goo bamboo hooks - and they do have tunisian crochet hooks. I get them from Loopy Yarns, in Chicago, but here's their website; it has a list of retailers:


(Sorry, I don't know html, so you actually have to copy and paste.)
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Best answer: Are you on Ravelry? There's a used equipment group where you can post a request for hooks.
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Best answer: I've ordered from Knitting Warehouse and been satisfied with the prices and the quick shipping.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I'll start calling around for ChiaoGoo hooks (Ms. Vegetable, I agree-- I've been drooling over them since I saw them on Vashti Braha's blog) and checking Ravelry before resorting to Knitting Warehouse. I've checked pretty much every Michaels, Jo-Ann, and Wal-Mart around here to no avail.
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Response by poster: Resolved via my most excellent buddy from an old job, who referred me to Gosh Yarn It and their selection of birch Tunisian hooks. Hooray for supporting friends of friends. Soon I will have a size-I Tunisian hook and then I'll be able to bust out a Harry Potter scarf in the colors of the Prydonian Chapter Academy from Dr. Who. Thanks again, gang.
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