Gray's Anatomy for Snakes?
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Asking for a friend: "Where can I get detailed anatomical sketches of a hemipenis while it's inverted, everted, penetrating a female, and transitioning between the two? I have access to a university's academic libraries, and to the internet, but probably not to specialized herpetologists' references."
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I'd put this to the Reference Desk at the academic library if your friend can ask the question with a straight face. After 50,000 "where's the bathroom?" and "how do I get a library card?" questions, this ought to make someone's day/week/month/year/career.
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Some quick googling yielded this. Not sure if it's detailed enough for you. Or if it addresses all parts of your question.
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I'm not sure how much detail you'll find, because I'm not sure there's not that much to sketch. Your friend may have luck searching the university resources for "sulcus spermaticus," which is the groove that forms along the side.

I found this using that search term, but you'd be able to find more searching from a library that subscribes to a journal database. Other search terms might be sulcate, asulcate, hemipenial, hemipene, and morphology.

Or maybe another Mefite will use those for the Google-fu.
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Best answer: Also, some cool pictures.
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Response by poster: I think he'd be particularly grateful for suggestions of specific journals to check out.
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Best answer: I did a search for "hemipenis" via a journal search on the U. of South Carolina's library page and came up with several journals that might be of some use. (Can't verify, because I don't "do" snakes in any form or format!)

- The Herpetological Journal
- Amphibia-Reptilia
- Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (article in Sept 2009 issue about hemipenis morphology)
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A quick google scholar search throws up a bunch of articles, the first few I clicked through had a bunch of pictures. It will be made easier if you have a library with journal access.
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