Help my dad see the Tech v. Texas game in the Bay Area!
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Where can I see the Texas Tech v. Texas game (airing on ABC, I think) in San Francisco?

Hi all--

Not a football fan, so hoping someone who is can help me out. My parents are visiting from Texas this weekend, and my dad asked that I try to find a sports bar where we can watch the Texas Tech v. University of Texas football game on Saturday.

Any tips? Bonus points if it's easily BART accessible, or near the Civic Center / Powell area.

Thanks in advance!!
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The official alumni game watch. I don't know SF though so I have no idea on accessibility.

Texas Exes SF chapter

Yahoo Group

It's a pretty high profile game so really, any sports bar should have it on. The one time I went to the Texas Exes bar in Chicago, it was completely crazy and filled to overcapacity with Longhorn fans and reminded me of why I didn't go to bars in college. So it probably depends on the atmosphere your dad wants.
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When I was stuck in SF on the day of the UT/A&M game, I ended up at the Kezar Pub on Stanyan. I realize that's not downtown, but I do know that they will almost certainly show the game.

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Buchanan and Union (where the Texas Exes will be) is not the easiest place to get to, but if you pick it:
-Get to Van Ness Ave.
-Take the 47 or 49 bus north to Union Street
-Walk 5 blocks west
-You're at Union and Buchanan

The Kezar Pub (my favorite sports bar in the city) is slightly easier to get to, but it's much further away. The trip will probably take about the same amount of time, however:
-Go to the closest underground station (Powell, Civic Center, or Van Ness)
-Get on MUNI, not BART.
-Take the N-Judah outbound to Stanyan and Carl streets (you'll start underground, go above ground, go through a tunnel; Stanyan and Carl is the second stop after you get out of that tunnel)
-Walk about three blocks north along Stanyan, the Kezar pub will be on your right.

If you don't want to fool around with MUNI at all, you can always head to Jillian's (at the Metreon, 4th Street between Mission and Howard). It's probably walking distance from whatever hotel you're at, and since they have a giant TV wall with like 6 million different feeds on at once, there's no way they won't have it on. It attracts the convention crowd, so it's not as homey as the other two places, and it's a little pricier, but it's easy.
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Response by poster: To elaborate, I live in the East Bay but will be in SF Saturday afternoon with my visiting folks to see Wicked at the Orpheum. So I was hoping for a place close to there.

My dad informed me that "he's old and needs couches and (relative) quiet." :-/ I looked at Kezar's which looks nice, but also like it gets crowded. Theoretically, we could go back to my apartment--but if I have to watch football, I'd rather do it in a bar than at home.

Jillian's looking like the front-runner at this point...although please keep the recommendations comin'!
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