DIY Guitar Repair
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DIY guitar repair: Can I fix this at home?

I was just replacing the strings on my Fender Avalon when the peg that holds the high E (6th) string snapped flush with the board. About 3/4 of an inch of the old string is still sticking out. I have access to normal tools at home and an entire college welding shop if necessary. It's a cheap guitar, and I don't want to pay half the value to fix it.

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If I understand your situation correctly, I have removed a peg in a similar situation by pulling the string straight out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Doing this after leaving the guitar in a low humidity environment if possible will help make it easier (humidity expands wood and makes pegs fit tighter). It should be easy to find a new peg.
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Best answer: Can you remove the rest of the strings, reach in the sound hole, and push or tap out what's left of the broken string peg from behind?
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Best answer: Slacken the other strings enough to be able to reach through the soundhole, and then push the peg out from inside. You may need a cloth or a small piece of wood to push with so it doesn't hurt your hand. (Some people may tell you not to slacken all the strings at once, but it will be fine, it's only for a short time.)
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buxtonbluecat has it - probably.

If you're referring to the little pin that holds the string in the bridge (which is on the body of the guitar), then take all the strings off, reach your hand in the hole and, using something hard other than your finger (I use a pick for this, but you may need something more substantial), push the pin out from the inside. You can get new pins at a guitar shop for very little money.

If, on the other hand, you are referring to the tuning peg on the headstock of the guitar (your reference to a welding shop makes me wonder), and the metal has broken, then that's a different issue altogether. Is the broken piece the little pin in the bridge or the tuning peg part of the tuning machine?
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Response by poster: Now why in the world didn't I think of tapping it through the otherside? I had visions of heating elements and claws. Thank you all!
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