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What is the name for the little notch at the bottom of one's neck between the clavicles? That is, the area directly under the 12 in this picture?
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suprasternal notch?
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Suprasternal notch
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it is the suprasternal or jugular notch, I believe
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Are you looking for the technical term or slang words? My friends call it "the Reservoir", for dirty reasons.
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Suprasternal notch.
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Ok, it's the suprasternal notch. But I believe there is another word for it, something less clinical, that I once saw on a list of obscure words, similar to philtrum.
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Are you thinking of the manubrium, by any chance?
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No, that's the bone underneath it, at the top of the strernum. I'm looking for a word that describes the visible surface.
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As popularized by The English Patient.
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I don't know whether that helps, but you were looking for an "obscure" word - in German it's called Salzfässchen, which (literally) means saltcellar. I don't know whether that figurative usage also exists in English, though.

(On preview: ok, it's not similar to philtrum, but I still like it...)
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I know the word you mean but I can't think of it. It sounds similar to isthmus.
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You might be thinking of the little notch to the north, under the nose. It's called the philtrum.
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Vascular sizood. It's the word used in Ondaatje's book, The English Patient. They corrected it for the movie.
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Another incorrect term for it is ucipital mapillary (made up by Samuel Raphaelson for Cary Grant to say in Hitchcock's Suspicion), but that's not what I was thinking of either. Notwithstanding DarlingBri's tantalizing case of presque vu, I have come to the conclusion that I'm wrong. I probably heard someone misidentify the suprasternal notch as the philtrum, and not knowing better at the time, went away thinking there was a word for it, a word which i now know is not philtrum. Anyway, thanks to all for trying, I still learned a lot.
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