Original Andrews Sisters Arrangements
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Where can I find the original Andrews Sisters vocal trio arrangements by Vic Schoen?

I'm putting together a trio for fun, and I think it's important for us to do some Andrews Sisters arrangements. Unfortunately, the original arrangements are very hard to come by.

What I've found so far are transcriptions of their stuff for trio and full big band, which cost about $65 each. That's unfortunately out of my price range.

Have you seen such arrangements lurking around the web somewhere?

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I haven't had much luck finding sheet music on the web. Have you tried calling a nearby university's music library?
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Stewie, I have a similar problem coming up with music for my choir - a lot of what I'm looking for either isn't arranged for choir, or is arranged for SATB, which my choir is not. You may find yourself doing what I have wound up doing: arranging the music yourself to suit the needs and skills of your particular ensemble.

Can you get your hands on some Andrews Sisters recordings and go from there? What kind of accompaniment do you use (if any)?
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I'm in an a cappella group that does a couple of Andrews Sisters numbers, and we just listen and figure it out ourselves. It's both tonal and repetitive (and fun to sing!), not that hard to reproduce.
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