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Translation filter: What does the text on this box of tea say?
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The label says "Qian Dao Yin Zhen", it means silver needle tea from Qian Dao lake, I presume.
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千岛银针 (Qiāndǎo yínzhēn)

(in case you wanted a better look at the characters; I find that type of script quite hard to read!)
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Best answer: The rest of the writing (aside from the brand name given correctly above) is just the standard information on a box of tea - it says this is a local speciality of the Xin'an River region (the Xin'an rises in Anhui and flows into Zhejiang, which is where this tea is from - Jiande Municipality and the Qiandao ['Thousand Island'] lake subtle-t mentioned), there's 100 grammes in the package, store it somewhere cool dark and dry etc. Seems to be a type of silver needle tea. The white oval label with the green border stuck on says it's '新茶' 'new tea' i.e. this year's spring picking.
No poems or similar I'm afraid, but various quality marks, so drink in confidence.
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