Trying to learn as many lanugages as possible
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I want to know how to speak in as many languages as possible, not necessarily fluently, just a couple things in each one. The goal here is variety, rather than depth.

Things I am looking for:

-basic phrases, things you can't possibly get through a conversation without saying ( Hello, no, yes, I am ____, thank you, sorry, etc)

- Things that would be helpful in a foreign country (I am not very good at ____, where is ____, etc)

Has the dual purpose of impressing people and increasing my chances of survival in a foreign country.
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Learn how to say "Do you know who I am?" in every language.
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Our own LanguageHat has co-authored a book about how to cuss in lots of different languages.
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Stay inside the language family of your native language, and you'll be breezing along.

Try to tackle something completely alien and therefore difficult and you'll need grit, time and a whole lot of work.
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I was just coming in to recommend Omniglot myself. Instead, since it's been posted, I'll reinforce that recommendation with a link to where it was featured on the Blue earlier. It's got a good selection of useful phrases, but it's also got some silly fun (they teach you how to say "My hovercraft is full of eels" in 79 different languages).
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And I completely understand the fascination with a lot of different languages; I sort of collect a couple of phrases in other languages myself. Although the things I know how to say in Chinese and in Russian are probably not useful (a friend in college taught me how to say "You are not a Chinese newspaper" in Mandarin, and the friend of a college roommate taught me a word in Russian which she claimed meant "to ejaculate copiously).
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Michel Thomas method
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