Need keloid scar surgeon who takes insurance
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ISO keloid scar treatment in San Francisco who takes Medi-Cal (Blue Cross of California is the administrator).

Ugh. My former foster kid got surgery for keloid scars in 2006 (both earlobes). One of the scars came back this year. It came back at the same time that he and we were dealing with a housing crisis, so it got put on the back burner and now he needs another surgery. (If we had got on it right away it might have responded to steroid injections.) The person who did the first surgery (UCSF) refuses to do the procedure because we should have come back sooner (even when I explained about his being homeless and that the fall-through-the-cracks was really more my fault than his), and refused to give a referral. Kid is seriously upset and freaked out. Any suggestions? I'm on the internet and have also called back to the UCSF patient referral person to see if another plastic surgeon in the group will do the surgery.
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