We're all going on a winter holiday
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Looking for real world holiday recommendations for Me and Mrs Rus + 2 yo old toddler in Oct this year

Ideally something say 3-4 hours flight from the UK with a kids club (which for 2 year olds seems a bit hard to find) so we can have a bit of an adult and family holiday. We've got a load of brochures + ideas + lots from google but looking for people who have been there/done that. We have a reasonable budget
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Disneyland in Paris? Although I have no idea what you mean by "real world holiday" so I may be way off here.
posted by alon at 3:05 AM on September 25, 2009

(Although, if by real-world you just mean someplace with things for grown-ups to do, too, then EuroDisney could be pretty good. A bit of Disney, a bit of Paris.)
posted by alon at 3:06 AM on September 25, 2009

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