Name the knife used in "A Perfect Getaway"?
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Name the knife used in "A Perfect Getaway" - seen in the previews, strapped to the leg of one of the male characters. It appears to have a handle that looks like brass knuckles, and generally looks very cool. I'm interested in knowing the model and manufacturer of this knife. Thanks!
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Without having seen the preview, I'm guessing it may be a trench knife. (Even more mall ninja is the apache.)
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Best answer: Picture.
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That would be a trench knife.
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Best answer: Here it is.

And here it is on Amazon.

At least to my eye.
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Yeah, generally called a trench knife - if the hilt is metal with individual finger holes, it is likely patterned after the iconic WWI-era Mark 1. Since it's a movie prop the actual knife in the movie is not necessarily an actual commercially available functional knife.

Be aware that these sorts of knives can be legally equivalent to brass knuckles and as such may run afoul of weapons laws where you are.
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Reviewing the trailer (freeze frame around .53 for a good look), yeah it's definitely a modern version and Admiral Haddock's link does look to be the match.
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Response by poster: Wow, you guys are incredibly fast. Thank you!!
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And, just a thought, but the reason why the edge is silver in the movie version of the knife may be because the armorer has taken the edge off so it's not sharp--I didn't see a version of the knife for sale with the two-tone blade.
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Response by poster: That's a good thought, considering they have it in an exposed holster that looks quite easy to cut one's self on...
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