humiliating stakes for a friendly wager?
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i've been recruited to help set the stakes for a friendly wager on the ole miss / alabama game in october. while money can be involved, the bet should be more centered around humiliation of some sort. any ideas for an entertaining bet between an already-tough-to-embarrass male and female friend?
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Depends on whom you're betting.
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Which is to say that if Alabama looses to Ole Miss, that's humiliation enough.

If someone is betting that Ole Miss will win, he or she should have to get an "I'm a dumbass" tattoo.

And I'm an Auburn fan, just fyi.
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loses* damn.
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If there are any arguments over which game to watch this could decide which game to watch.

With something else in there of course, I don't think that's good enough for the whole thing.
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Ole Miss loser has to dye his/her hair Crimson.

In the unlikely event of an Alabama loss, Alabama loser must bleach hair white, donwhite beard and moustache and a Col. Sanders type suit to resemble Col. Reb.
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Loser has to get winning team's name/slogan/mascot bleached into their front lawn.
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Loosing bettee must wear the winning team's shirt and assorted gear to future sporting events. And not bitch about it.
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Loser must wear appropriate colors (preferably in the form of body paint) and sing opposing team's fight song. And post it to YouTube.

Also, I'll take Bama and give you 10 points. OK, 13. Just cuz I like you.
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The classic wager is that whoever loses has to sing the other side's fight song in front of an audience.
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If you want to embarrass the loser, why not think back to the heady teenage days of "truth or dare" style penalties? With my juvenile-party-game hat on, and in no particular order:

- Have the loser compose and publicly sing a song about how wise, all-knowing and kind to small animals the winner is.
- The loser must be an underwear-clad chef then waiter for the winner + a few select (mutually agreed before the game?) friends.
- The loser must address the winner as "oh great and powerful one" for some time period (days, weeks?).
- The loser must do a previously-agreed and unbelievably dorky dance routine at a local nightclub.
- The winner takes the loser on a tour of the local charity/thrift shops and builds a terrible outfit for the loser to wear.
- The loser gets a temporary tattoo (e.g. henna lasts a week or two) of the winning team's logo.
- The loser has to fake an accent (pick one they're terrible at) and use it to start conversations with n strangers during a day out together.

...etc. etc. How hard to embarrass are you talking here? Is this more about the sports, so stuff like wearing the opposing team's colours will really sting, or the comedy aspects of a fun stake?
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I think that streaking is always a good method to get normally non-embarassable people to blush a bit. If they are covered in the opposing teams color body paint and maybe in a disadvantageous place, that would do the trick quite nicely (and make the bet something that they seriously cheer for).
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Loser gets a temporary tattoo of the winner's team logo in a prominent place.
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We bet Karaoke , where the loser has to sing an embarassing song. Male might sing Madonna like a virgin. Streaking is always good loser runs around the house naked. We also bet Quacks, where you hold up your finger and a person has to quack like a duck regardless of where they are at and the social sitution.
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