suggestions for celebrating my 40th birthday?
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suggestions for celebrating my 40th birthday in san francisco?

i'm turning (*gasp*) 40 in a couple months and would love to plan something incredibly fun and distinctive to celebrate. each year i have a party at a bar, but would love to do something a bit beyond that this time. i've lived in san francisco for ages and know there are many cool places to go and things to do, but so far i haven't come up with anything that seems right. ideally the event would be accessible to a wide range of friends, and not outrageously expensive.

would welcome any and all suggestions--really!
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Twitter/Google Maps based bar-hop. People who aren't with you at that moment can follow your path on their phones and meet up whenever. Plans go to Twitter, position goes to Google. Or something like that, anyway. You can start out at nicer places and get divier as the night goes on, so people who don't want to participate in any incipient formality have the choice to get dudely with you later on.
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1. Meet up somewhere in Fisherman's Wharf / North Beach
2. Take the cable car to the top of Nob Hill, have a drink at the Top of the Mark.
3. Hop on the cable car again and go to somewhere downtown.
4. Congratulations! You're over the hill!
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Bootie SF, if you love to dance to great music for cheap!
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