Best Practices in Sustainable Forest Management
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I am looking for information related to sustainable forestry management. I have recently secured a consultancy in Central America for developing a business plan related to the industry. While my client has provided useful information, I am also looking for external resources on the subject.

I am researching best practices, value-added services, international markets, and technologies for streamlining operations. The client has recently received a land concession of Caribbean pine which is divided into 30 plots, one of which is available each year for harvest. After 30 years the process is repeated, having given the forest enough time to biologically rebound. Hence, sustainability is achieved and the impact of logging is restricted to a relatively small area.
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I can connect you with faculty from the program I studied under. Just mefimail me.
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Tarumba (see her question here) has a BA in Forest Science. You might send her an MefiMail if she doesn't see this question.
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The Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative at the University of Minnesota might have some useful info on their website. I'd especially recommend looking at the conference summaries & links.
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