Good cheap flexible exectric piano?
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What's the best value second hand electric piano I can get? My requirements are full sized weighted velicity sensitive keyboard, and midi in/out cables. Maximum budget is AUD400 (USD 325, GBP 200, EUR 230). The Yamaha DGX-300 looks good apart from the floppy disk midi interface. Are there any other options about the same price/quality?
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Best answer: My boyfriend (professional musician) uses a Privia PX-110 as his gig piano- he has hauled it across the country numerous times and it is lightweight, fits all of your requirements, and plays a lot better than you'd expect. New it is only $400, so used should work well.
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Best answer: You might be able to find a used lower-end Clavinova for that amount (like a CLP 20).
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Best answer: I bought a M-Audio prokeys 88 for $350 American and I'm pretty happy with it.
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