Running "through" orthotic adjustment... or not?
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Hi everyone Would welcome some advice / shared experiences please. Feb/March got an 8mm orthotic in my left shoe to finally deal with uneven leg length Orthopedic Hosp orthotic chap said I "may find it a little tiring, maybe a little discomfort", well I was in pain for a bit, mainly left calf and right knee. Started back running and all fine but as I train for my half-marathon and step up the pace/intensity/length (don't worry - not all at the same time, am doing sensible training plan) I'm getting some twinging in my left calf.

I went and got my gait videoed for getting new trainers and noted that Pre-orthotic - ran on outside of left foot and inside of right foot With-orthotic - run a lot straighter on both My right calf muscle was larger than my left, esp looking at me from the front and they are now evening up. The pain (I prefer to call it a twinge, it's not the same as when you trip and hurt yourself or the arch pain I used to get pre-orthotic or when wearing flip flops etc) is located just above my ankle, on the inside of the leg, fading as it goes up towards where the calf bulges out sideways. Not connected to the shin as far as I can tell. It's a bit like the pain you get after a long hard workout but just in that one place. Eg I'm a litle achy after a fast run yesterday, it hurts a bit more than the rest of the calf/other side. So - has anyone experienced training after orthotics, do you reckon this is just the pain of the muscle having to work harder/different to catch up with the other one? I did ask about adjusting to orthotics in an earlier question and appreciate the responses here, this is specifically about my running.

And yup, I know you're not my doctor/orthotics chap but really if you go to them with "it only happens when I run" they'll just say "don't run". I can't afford private chappies unless I really have to.

Just wondering if anyone has any experiences they can share (either good outcome or bad!)

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Not running but, when I was younger and I finally got shoes that held my feet properly, I had to deal with pain in my leg until muscles adjusted to being moved and used correctly. It was a bit painful but over time it fixed itself.
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