1099-S Solicitation Issue
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We are in the process of closing on the sale of our house (Hybrid-FSBO). I have a question about the 1099-S Solicitation form. Can you help?

We are selling the home generally as FSBO. By that, I mean we paid a flat-fee to get listed in MLS. That means I don't have an agent to ask this question.

On the 1099-S Solicitation form, there is a question that says, "I have not used any portion of the home for business". Technically that is not true. But, tax-wise it is true. We have never taken the tax deduction for the square feet of our home that are dedicated to our business. We purposely did that to avoid the capital gains complication.

So, is the statement true since we did not claim to use any part of the home for business?

Thanks for the help!
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