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I'm looking for a nice over-under 12 Gauge shotgun between $500 and $1000. Any suggestions?
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Depends on your definition of nice, but the Mossberg Silver Reserve hits your price point.
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I'm not a shotgunner myself, but several of my friends have Rugers that they seem to like. I think new you'd be looking at above your price range for an O/U, but there's a big used market for them.

The guys I know with Rugers are mostly pheasant and dove hunters, not sporting clays, so YMMV.
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Both Beretta and Miroku would have guns in the right price range - pre owned, if you want a new gun, you may want to look at Lanber and maybe Bettinsoli.

If this is for sporting clays - I'd suggest trying a number of guns at a gunroom that has a clay range attached - you'll know the right gun. Don't settle on a brand before you have tried a number of barrel lengths, stock style and mechanisms.
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Browning makes some really nice over and unders. Is there a specific reason a pump-action won't do?
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Below your price range, but I've heard good things about the Remington SPR 310. They're russian guns, made by Baikal, and not particularly pretty, but very cheap and pretty solid.
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