What's the best Bengals bar in Chicago?
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WhoDeyFilter: I'm in Chicago, on the northside. My buddy is visiting from Cincinnati this weekend, and I want to take him to a bar on Sunday to watch the Bengals' game (our CBS affiliate is showing "Showstopper American Dance" instead). There are lots of bars that have NFL Sunday Ticket, but I want to make it an experience and find a place that is Bengals-specific. There must be one. What is it called and where is it? And I thank you.

P.S. Wouldn't it be a great idea to have a website that collects things like this? You could put in your city, and find team/city-specific sports bars. I could find and cheer with my fellow Cardinals fans in the middle of Wrigleyville.
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You could try asking on the Chicago area chowhound message board.
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