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Help us sing a song to our Beagle, Chloe.

My wife and I love to talk and sing for our Beagle, Chloe. This morning my wife started a new song, but we can't finish it. Can you help us come up with a final line?

(to the tune of I'm a Little Teacup)

I'm a little beagle, short and cute
Here is my tail and here is my snoot (like any beagle, she's got a crazy nose working all the time).

When I get all riled up, hear me snort (when Chloe get's excited, she does this little retrograde sneeze/snort thing, which apparently is very common among beagles).


A lot of things rhyme with snort, but we can't think of anything funny/appropriate. Any help?
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Don't write this song, abort! Abort! Abort!
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Klaatu Barata Nikto, Gort.
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"don't tip me over just 'cause i'm short"?

"wagging my tail is my favourite sport"?

"songs about dogs are my favourite sort"?
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PUT (hands over her head) ME INTO A COZY FORT!


NOW SHE'S HOME (hug her) in a COZY PORT!





(writing songs for dogs is awesome).
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"Cup my muzzle and apply gentle pressure to my nostrils"
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I'm a cuddly puppy sort?
My ears are a floppy sort?
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An alternative to snort based on your description:

When I get all riled up, hear me sneeze
Life with me is such a breeze!
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....and gets mucous all Mommy's skort? I shake my head from starboard to port?

....that squirrel in the yard - il est mort!!
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...A beagle like me can teleport
But please don't feed me any lousewort

/alternate ending
Algorithms, I like, including 'presort'
But make it W3C compliant, or I'll report

lucky beagle!
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Alternate version:

When I get all riled up, hear me snuff,
And do the sweetest beagle stuff.

Anyway, "snuff" would open up some new rhyme possibilities.
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. . . I love to tumble and cavort!

(Thanks for giving me my first out-loud laugh of the day!)
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tip me over and pour me ort.
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I'm a cute, short, snorting sort!

(I love this AskMe! I thought I was the only one who made up songs for his dog.)
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My folks need AskMe lyric support
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Response by poster: LOVE IT! Keep 'em coming.

Obligatory puppy pics, so you know who you're writing for: Chloe the Wonderpup

So far we're liking: ...chasing April is my favorite sport. (thanks gursky: our neighbor's dog is named April and they chase each other all the time)

and ...hear me sneeze. / Life as Chloe is such a breeze. (thanks platinum)

How about: ...collab'rative songwriting should be a sport.
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My ears are long but my legs are short.
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And I like to nap in my blanket fort.

(If she's anything like my beagle, who will sleep all day under a pile of blankets, with only his nose or tail sticking out.)
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a dog that cute definitely needs a song! glad to help.

(seriously, i can't stop "awww"'ing at those photos!)
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