Lulu or Blurb, what's best for book with both text and pictures?
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I have put together a book using some old notes that a relative left for me over the years that I scanned as jpegs. In some of them the handwriting is bad so I need to put a translation, and some of them need an explanation to set the scene. I've decided to self-publish them. Blurb is very intuitive but lacks the sales options that Lulu offers. Whereas, Lulu makes it very difficult for what I'm looking to do because it's sort of a hybrid book. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
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Shutterfly photobooks? They're a nice quality (I used one to make my wedding album) and they allow all sorts of text - part of a page of text, a full page of text, columns, with or without photos, etc. I found the online album maker very easy to use too.
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I've had good results with Lulu. Not sure what you mean by "hybrid book", but if you mean mix of images and text, that's not a problem, since anything that you can put in a PDF can be printed...

Having done plenty of self-publishing, I'm happy to answer specific questions if you want to email me at
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I don't think you need to include the originals.

Include the translation and notes and publish from a text file. Just cite the originals and then maybe throw them on Flickr.
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