Where can I learn to dance just for fun?
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I'm looking for a dance studio where I can learn modern dance choreography, but not necessarily for a recital. I'm in central NJ.

When I was younger I always took "dance class" and enjoyed it. Now I'm older and need to excercise, but gyms are boring to me. Does anyone know of any dance studios in the central NJ / NYC metro area where members can drop in and learn dances with no intention of it culminating in a performance? I like Modern dance (think Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance) and have some experience / moderate flexibility left. I am in my mid-twenties and would prefer to be in class with people around my age. Thanks in advance!
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Amira Mor's studio in Hasbrouk Heights might be an option. She focuses on belly dance but has other teachers as well. Her classes tend to be choreography-heavy once you're past the basics. She does put on a number of student showcases throughout the year, but you're not required to perform in them.

She also teaches classes at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan, which offers any kind of dance you would like to take. Many of those classes are also choreography-heavy but again, you're not required to take part in their student showcases/recitals. I think you'll find that adult dance classes in general are not as recital-focused as children's classes are.

Good luck!
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