Glasses that turn lights into hearts?
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My friend owns a mysterious pair of cardboard-framed glasses (like red-blue 3d glasses). When you put them on and look at distant spots of light, the lights appear to have a halo of little hearts. How do these glasses do that?

The visual effect is kind of like a lens flare - except instead of the typical solid halo, there is a band of small hearts.

Does anyone know where they are from, or how they work?
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Are they these?
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Best answer: Here are some more I found.
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lizzicide kind of beat me to it, but it's basically a hologram. Some laser pointers have little caps that work the same way for projecting hearts, crosshairs or naked ladies (no, really.)
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Picked up a mess of these at a trade show years ago. they had hearts & stars & other shapes.

promotional items
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I have something that turns point light sources into neat globes of light. It's called astigmatism.

Also, I once saw glasses like these that had holiday-themed words as the image (like NOEL) and I suppose they were meant to augment a Christmas tree light display.
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Response by poster: lizzicide is exactly right - thanks everyone!
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