Creating printed paper boxes (cheap and easily)
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Help me make some paper boxes

I want to make some little boxes that would hopefully fold up to about the right size to hold standard (3 x 5) note cards.

I would like something like what this guy is doing, but without having to buy a laser.

I am hoping there is some kind of micro-perforated, pre-scored option out there, but I am not finding any.

I would like to just run them through an inkjet printer, punch them out, and fold them up. I am open to other ideas, but I have tons of papercraft books, and know how to make boxes. I'm just hoping to mass produce more than what I'd like to do by hand.

I know this option exists for business cards (which is all google gives me), but was thinking there has to be a box option as well.

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You seem to know exactly what you need to do in order to make boxes. What exactly is your question?
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Possibly expand your search to include small flat-packed boxes.
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I've seen box patterns for diecut machines. So you put your paper/material in, press down to cut out the patten, and fold/glue it into a box.
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I've seen those boxes in stores. Craft places or places anyplace that sells those chocolate disks and molds to make your own should have them. Not sure if they're printable, though. I'd bet has a similar item, too. Her site has a ton of cute little packaging ideas (mostly geared towards packaging DIY gifts or wedding favors, so the size would be accurate)
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halogen, the question was how can I do a box without a laser cutter. I would like a print and fold option, but not finding anything like what I am talking about.

julen, I never thought of diecut. I am not opposed to taking my files to a printer or other service place that will do this unless the cost is prohibitive.

Kellydamnit, looked at Staples, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby.

I am not opposed to printing stickers to put on these and using prefab gift boxes, but think it would be neater if I could run a whole page through a printer and get my design all over the box.
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I've never used either one of these websites --- but the top one seems to offer custom scored, perforated, diecut, laser-printable cardstock.
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On the page you link to, he does say you don't need to use a laser. You could use a scissors or an Exacto knife (protect your cutting surface!) depending on how intricate the design.
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you want to look for what are called "candy boxes" or "favor boxes" they won't be with the paper craft items, they'll be with the food crafts like chocolate molds or with the wedding items.
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You can generate printable patterns for "deck-of-cards"-style boxes here.
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I was hoping to not have to do any cutting or scoring. I want to run them through a printer and fold away. It's a matter of time, not of knowledge. I know how to make boxes, have lots of books that tell me how to make others, but I thought maybe some place just sold off the shelf flat ones I could run though a printer.

I am going to look into if any of my local printers do this kind of die cut stuff.
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