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LA filter: I want to learn to surf this summer. Where can I find reasonably priced, good quality lessons? Should I opt for group or semiprivate lessons?

I've never been surfing, and I'm planning to take a couple lessons this summer and see if I like it. Please share your recommended (or should-be-avoided) surf schools. I live near Santa Monica, but I don't mind driving to a different LA-area beach for a better instructor/lesson.

Price is important to me; a quick google search showed everything from $80 - $160 for a single lesson. I'm willing to pay a little more for a better lesson, but cheaper is definitely better.

Should I opt for a group lesson (cheaper) or an individual/semiprivate lesson (more individual attention)? I have a friend who might join me in a semiprivate, but she's not sure yet. I learned to snowboard last year by taking one group lesson then practicing on my own for a couple days, but I'm pretty bad at it still. I think I'll learn at a fairly average pace - I don't tend to be particularly slow or quick when learning new physical skills. I am reasonably strong and comfortable swimming in the ocean. So, private or group lessons?

I can get a better deal by signing up for more than one lesson at once. Should I? If so, how many? I can probably afford a maximum of three lessons this summer, depending on cost.

Any further information you think would be helpful to a novice surfer would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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My first lesson was with a group. You rehearse on the beach, catch some tiny waves, observe the others, and get a few tips from the instructor. I don't think I would have learned more in an individual lesson; there are lots of movements and positions you need to learn on your own. Then you go out and practice, half a day, or a few days. After that you come back and get one or two individual lessons, once you have a feel for the surf board, but before you develop bad habits. I paid for the group lesson separately, and then paid for two individual sessions (2 days later, and then 2 weeks later). This was in Tofino, so ymmv. Enjoy!
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