What's wrong with my mixer?
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A month ago I got my first DJ setup, a few weeks ago my mixer refused to turn on, what's wrong with it?

Recently I acquired my first DJ setup, consisting of 2 Gemini pt 1000 turntables, a 19" Gemini Executioner mixer (looks like this), and a lovely flight case.

After putting it together and plugging everything in, I discovered that the mixer would not turn on when plugged in. It uses a 3 prong male to C13 female power cable, and I used several different cables, each one of them had no effect.

Then, a few days later, I flipped the switch on the mixer and it turned on. I guessed that it needed some time to get warmed up, as it had been sitting dormant in my friend's basement for years and hadn't been used in a long time.

So I was baffled when, a few weeks later, I flipped the switch on the mixer and it wouldn't turn on. I had not bumped or changed anything about it since last using it that morning, when I was practicing. It's been a few weeks since it's worked.

From what I can tell I'm using the correct power cable (rated at 125 volts) with the mixer at the correct voltage setting (115 volts). All of my equipment (turntables, mixer, small amp) are all off the same power strip, but it doesn't matter if the mixer is plugged into the wall or otherwise, it refuses to turn on.

What, if anything, is wrong with this mixer?
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where the power cord plugs into the mixer, is there a fuse under a cover? if the mixer has been in a basement powered off for a year its pretty likely you have corrosion that is allowing the thing to work intermittently. the first place that occurred to me is on this fuse.... also check the male contacts on the power supply input on the mixer (i assume this uses a standard "IEC connector", sometimes called a D plug, the kind almost universally used on computers for example...

upin preview i looked at the attached pic. it does have the power conn i refer to. ensure that the power connectors on the mixer are corrosion free and pop out the fuse on that power conn block as i mentioned above. probably a good idea to go ahead and replace the fuse even if you are able to clean off any corrosion... details for the fuse are right on the block and can be had at radioshack for a couple bucks.

good luck.
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is there a fuse you can check?
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I examined the fuse, which was intact and had no corrosion. Upon replacing it, however, my mixer powered up. I suppose the old tech support stand-by of "unplug everything and plug it back in" is at play here.

Odd, that.
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