dict.leo.org for French?
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Good free French-English dictionary online?

I'm wondering if there is a French-English equivalent to dict.leo.org, the German dictionary, for French. I like d.l.o because it has idioms, comprehensive meanings, links to websites that show inflection patterns, et cetera, and while it's no substitute for the OGD it certainly cuts the mustard. I know it has German-French the same way but unfortunately I am not confident enough in my German to use that. Anyways, where can I find such a product, if it exists?
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Have you tried wordreference.com?
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I assumed that was a shitty site (like yourdictionary.com) based on the site layout. The definitions are much more in-depth than I was expecting.
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I particularly like the online forums at the bottom of each page. If I have a question about a particular idiom, I can usually search the forums and find that someone has already asked about it, and if they haven't, I can post a question and get a response within a relatively short period of time.
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I often use the Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique (for both F to E and E to F). It might not fulfil to your direct requirements but I think it is worth mentioning as a complementary resource, or for eventual related questions.
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From the GDT home page —

Ajout de moteurs de recherche (GDT FR->EN) et (GDT EN->FR) intégrés à la zone de recherche instantanée
de votre navigateur (Firefox 2.0 ou Internet Explorer 7.0) pour interroger directement le GDT.

On the page, the places I have bolded are links to browser scripts.

C'est utile! C'est agréable!
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Wow, you can do this with wordreference as well!
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