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My workplace is having a wedding shower. What games can we play?

One of my co-workers got married, and we're having a belated wedding shower in the office. Bride and husband will be present. What fun shower-related games can the office play? The premise must be sorta SFW, but not necessarily Amish-level.

Last wedding shower we hosted, there was a round of 'The Newlywed Game.' It was great fun. I just hope there are other ideas to take advantage of.
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I find "Apples to Apples" a highly good party game for all occasions; the last bunch of newbies I introduced to it ended up discarding their original plan of playing bridge and instead played AtA for hours. While not intrinsically shower-related, you could easily get one of the blank card sheets (which cost a buck or two) and print up a number of personalized cards.
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Celebrity is my favorite party game. We play the three-round version. To make it more "shower appropriate" you could use famous couples instead of individual celebrities.
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Seconding Apples to Apples and other fun board games, etc. Shower games are terrible, don't play them.
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When we host bridal (or baby) showers, we seal (staple) kitchen/household items in a small, numbered, opaque paper bags - one per bag. The guests pass the bags and try to figure out the items inside, just by feeling the object through the bag. You may want to seek out heavier bags than just brown paper lunch bags if a lot of people will be feeling the objects. The bride/groom then gets all of the items after they are revealed. Guest with most correct answers wins. Sure beats making wedding dresses out of toilet paper.
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