Where Can I Find Video Game Box Art?
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Is there anywhere I can find hi-res box art for classic games? More inside.

Obviously, classic is a relative term, but I'm talking things like X-Com and Covert Action. I use Boxer to create double-clickable bundles to play these old games, and I'd love to have pretty icons for them.

It's a first world problems, and I'm okay with that.
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Best answer: MobyGames is great for this. They have hi-res box art and in some cases screenshots for games that I'd thought were hopelessly obscure.

For instance: X-Com (cover), Covert Action (cover) (back cover)
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Response by poster: Good call, but they embed their stupid logo and URL on the art. I really don't like to support that kind of slimy stuff. Thanks for the answer, though, it'll be a fine last resort.
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Best answer: There's also the cover project. Your requests seem to have stumped it, but they do carry custom art and European boxart, which is sometimes far superior.
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I would hardly call it "slimy," zerolives. They're providing a comprehensive free service, built mostly on community contributions -- you can't blame them for trying to protect the brand identity of that effort. And the logos are small enough to be invisible at icon-size, anyway. But if that's out, then I really can't think of anything else that would rival it in thoroughness -- maybe Wikipedia, which has hit-and-miss coverage for box art.
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TheVGboxArt forum has some links of what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: @Rhaomi it feels slimy to me, in that I would not feel good about putting my site bug on someone else's art. It's not to say that they're monsters for doing it, but I'd personally feel wrong about it.
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