Esperanto in Kvin Easy Steps?
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Where can I find good resources (especially audio) for learning Esperanto on-line?

I'm looking for suggestions for good Esperanto learning resources that I can get for free on-line. Ideally I'd like something that I could put on a USB drive and listen to at work without needing to focus too intently (mindless droning repetition of languages works fairly well for me over the course of a few weeks). I'm not necessarily looking to become fluent (although that would be neat), just to get a basic introduction.

I have the Teach Yourself Esperanto book by John Cresswell (my father got it for me years ago as part of a family joke). It came with cassettes which I lost probably ten years ago and besides I don't have a tape player. If possible I'd love to be able to find the sound files from that to download and put on a CD. I've gone through the first chapter or so a couple of times over the years but never put in that much time so I can count and that's pretty much it. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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It's not exactly what you're looking for (it's text based and requires a net connection), but I found very good when I was looking at it a few years ago.
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I used to be pretty into esperanto.

There are some really good correspondence courses available, but I always found multimedia options lacking.

Radio Verda is an interesting esperanto podcast by a young couple. If you listen after doing some basic hands on learning you will pick up a lot, but learn the basics first.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, everyone!
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