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Anybody know a good e-cigarette seller? Please understand, I am not looking for any alternatives to e-cigarettes, just for experience purchasing e-cigs in the US.

I ordered an E-Cigarette E9m from, but they shipped to the wrong address, the shipper won't tell me what address it was sent to (other than it isn't in my zip code), and all efforts to contact have been met with silence.

Anybody know a good retailer for the US? Particularly one that sells that model, or similar? I think it's a Loong Totem V1; the one with the atomizer separate from the cartridge. I want to use liquid rather than reorder cartridges. Thanks.
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$90 and you can return it for a full refund if you don't like it.

Discussion at

Good luck quitting.
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Best answer: is the place where you might get a better answer--and a forum you will probably want to visit often in the future, as e-cigs can be a bit fiddly and can require a bit of tweaking and troubleshooting to use them long-term.

Additionally, the FDA is having US customs halt importation from China, so many US-based suppliers are having trouble keeping things in stock. The forum will give you the "word on the street" about who has the best customer service and who is having stocking problems.

And even though you didn't ask...if that is the same model (or a clone) of the NJOY NPRO linked above, a lot of people on the forum believe it's one of the inferior models available. They all have their pros and cons, but it seems the only real selling point of that model (also known as a "super-mini") is that it is closest in size to a regular cigarette. Those small ones have a noted shorter battery-life and the cartridges don't hold nearly as much liquid (and thus don't last as long) as on other models. And, though it has the appeal of looking most like a cigarette, if you're hoping to use it at work or in public places where smoking is not allowed, bosses and bar-staff are more inclined to let a person use one inside when it looks very unlike a real cigarette.

Most people at the forum (and I think I agree) tend to say the DSE901 (aka "mini") is the best choice for a first e-cig (compromise between being close to cigarette-size, battery-life, cartridge-life, initial price, cost and availability of spare parts, ease of troubleshooting). The DSE801 (aka classic or penstyle) scores better on all points, but is a bit bigger and clunkier. But not so much that you can't get used to it in a day.

I had a good experience with The Smokeless Shop but they're one of the suppliers having customs/FDA-difficulties right now. Ask at the link above for who has good service and kits in-stock right now.

Also, you have MeFiMail.
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Response by poster: The e-cigarette-forum seems to be down right now, but that's where I looked through when figuring out what model I wanted to buy. It's tough getting started in a big forum and filtering out the good information from the bad, so after my failure choosing a good supplier, I came to AskMe.

Yeah, the NJOY they have at Costco wasn't well liked on the forum. I may get one anyway just to get something quickly, but I'd still like to order something better.

I looked at the DSE901, and it was my second choice. The Loong Totem seemed just slightly better (not just performance-wise, but I liked that it was a bit more cigarette-like, and I figured I'd take to it easier if it more closely replicated what I'm used to). If it's more readily available, though, I might go for it. The Smokeless Shop says they're out of stock, and as you said, having problems with customs.

Jules22871, have you purchased from Are they reliable?
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Response by poster: K.P. tipped me off that the UK supplier totallywicked-eliquid recently opened a US branch, with the caveat that he'd heard they were having some trouble getting established (customs/shipping problems). The UK side has a great reputation for products and service, so I'm giving them a shot. I ordered a DSE901 yesterday, and received confirmation that it shipped today, so I'm feeling confident. I'll report back when the order is complete.

I also received an email from today, a week after opening my first help ticket, saying that they think they shipped to the correct address (even though the post office says it was delivered to a different zip code). That's less than helpful.
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Response by poster: Holy crap! I just received my e-cig from totallywicked! $7 for shipping, and I got it in two days. I'm blown away. I think I paid $17 for shipping at

Everything looks intact, the packaging is great, and they are smart enough to include two batteries in their starter kit. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that I would need a spare charging while it is in use.

Thanks for the lead, K.P. This went perfectly.

I just got another email from, as well. They said they are going to check with the shipping company, but it will probably take a long time to get a response. Feh.
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Response by poster: A bit of an update for anyone who comes across this. The 901 was great at first, but it quickly became very inconsistent. It would either not draw at all, needing a starter puff to get it going, or the atomizer wouldn't shut off after drawing, causing it to overheat and turn off for a minute. A friend bought one on my recommendation and had the same experience.

I purchased an M402 from, and it's much better. A perfect draw every time. It's a lot more difficult to refill the cartridge, so it's maybe not as good for a first time purchase, but it's definitely worth it for the over-all quality.
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