How to find value of Pullman dining car chair?
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How can I find the value of an antique chair from a Pullman railroad car?

I was given an old chair 20 years ago and was told it was from a Pullman dining car. The upholstery is ripped in spots, but the wood frame is in good shape. There are 2 metal plates on the bottom, one says: 309 and the other says: 4180 24".
I know nothing about antiques and can't find any information online about whether this chair is worth anything. I can't even find anyone selling or buying furniture from Pullman cars.
Any thoughts about where to search for the value of this item?
Thanks very much.
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A directory site like Railserve might lead you to some antiques dealers who specialize in this sort of thing.
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Why do you want to find out the value of this chair--for insurance, or are you hoping to sell it?
If you want to sell it, you might try contacting your local auction house, or Sotheby's or Christie's. They'll probably give you an idea as to what the item is worth.

If you want to appraise it for insurance, you might try contacting an appraiser via the Appraisers Association of America.

(Not an appraiser, but I work for one.)
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Does your state have a railroad museum? You might be able to contact someone who does restoration for such an institution.
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