List of most visited online newspapers, magazines and literature websites (blogs allowed)
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I've seen a list of the most popular websites, and another of the most popular blogs, but for these three categories (literature, newspapers, magazines) I've found a list hard to track down. I'd like it ordered in order of popularity, but a top-ten (or top-hundred) would be fine too. Thanks!

For various reasons, I'd like to know if people have lists for either of those topics; newspapers, magazines, and literature websites.

On the side, I've also got an article reviewing how writing websites will change writers/creativity - fiction guides, writer's block removers, creativity impulses, poetry generators etc etc. Any ideas where I should submit it? It must be to an online site.

Thankyou everybody!
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For books, you have two choices: Most popular of all time, for which Wikipedia has a list, or most popular currently, which is what the NY Times bestseller lists are for. Or am I missing something?
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Best answer: Alexa lists top sites in various categories. For instance, here are newspapers ordered by popularity. Here are the top magazines and here are the most popular sites in literature with many sub-categories listed.
You might check out the Webby Awards.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Perfect.
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