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I want to take up archery. Does anybody know any places in Southern Ontario, specifically in or near Toronto or Hamilton?

I don't have a car, but I live in the former city and attend university in the latter, so any places would have to be accessible by transit from either one.

Also, I am a complete beginner without any experience or equipment, so any advice would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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You should be able to join U of T's Hart House, and then you'd be eligible to join their Archery Club. Except unfortunately their FAQ says they've sold out of memberships for the year. Bummer.
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Response by poster: Oh and I should also mention there is an archery club at my university, but it sort of fell apart. The guy running it said he'd try starting up again in september, but this is something I want to do to keep me occupied in the summer.
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I'm sure you've already googled the more obvious suggestions.

People used to practice behind my house in a big empty lot (since filled with townhomes) at Queen and Bathurst and no police seemed to bother them... Along those lines you could probably get away with messing around down in the Tommy Thompson Park vicinity or some similarly desolate area.

You didn't get this suggestion from me.
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Want to go medieval? Try your local SCA group (Hamilton; Toronto)

Alternatively, AEMMA trains at the Ontario Science Centre in the summer and at 927 Dupont in the winter. Their page includes links to all sorts of good resources, too.
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