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How To Write Technical Training Films?

The government department I work for is in the midst of an enormous communications restructure and, hoping to move into corporate communications, I volunteered my services to one of the managers in my business group.

One of the myriad tasks on his plate is the start-to-finish development of a number of technical training films. The nature of our work here sees people out in the field installing specialised monitoring equipment.

From the prescis:

“These films will be for internal departmental use as training aids. The primary target will be for new staff who will not have someone at their side to assist them. It is hoped that most of the tasks in the field process will be covered. They may last a few minutes only dealing with specific technical issues or of greater length if going through data entry type procedures.

“These training films are not to be seen as replacements/substitutes for the National Standard training requirements – they will at all times be complimentary.”

So, pretty straightforward (if dry) stuff, I imagine. What I have been asked to do - with the assistance of experts in the actual processes I will be documenting – is develop the “textual storyboards”, or teleplays, if you will, for these processes.

I have a fair idea of how to set about doing this but I’d like to make an extra good impression with this work, so I’d love to hear about any easily accessible resources (preferably online) on this subject, and I would similarly love to hear advice and tips from any MeFites who have done similar work.
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