Words into Type? Anyone?
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Does anyone still use Words into Type?

CMS is going strong, AP, AMA, and APA obviously have built-in staying power, but I haven't cracked my WIT in several years. (I mostly do book copyediting.)
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I work for a large publisher and we still keep the third edition on the shelves, issue it to all editors and copyeditors, but I don't think anyone really uses it. Has it been updated since 1974?
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I still use it, even though it is outdated. It still has a lot of useful information.
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Response by poster: Matt--Worldcat and Amazon have listings for a fourth edition c/r 1999, but I don't believe it.

Smich--Agreed, but are you using it for personal reference? Mostly I want to know if any publishers rely on it as their manual of choice.
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A copy or two are on the reference shelf and scattered about here at work (a university press). But I don't think I've ever seen anyone use it (myself included). We are all issued the CMoS, we science journals editors get the CSE manual, and our medical journals editors get the AMA guide.

Just asked a friend, a books editor here. Her response was "nope, never!"
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I love my battered old copy, but I haven't had to use it professionally in almost 20 years.
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i don't think so. at the 3-4 publishing type places i've worked in the past 6 years, i don't think i've even seen a copy of it. i think i may have seen on in the writing center in college....
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