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Where to watch televised cricket in Brooklyn?

Any reliable venues (bars or wherever else) to watch televised cricket in Brooklyn? It doesn't matter too much what kind of match (but West Indies v. England on the 13th or 14th of February would be great). Thanks.
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I think you're going to have better luck with the Ashes this summer. More interest, better class of cricket overall. (sorry WI supporters, but it's true!)

I'm trying to figure out if this is an expat filter question or not. If yes, any chance you could hit up some local expat groups? Always worked for Mr Grrlscout when he was stateside.

Are you looking for a bar/pub with cricket on a television, or are you happy to watch it online? (I did a google search and came up with several online options)
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I would suggest asking at the local Indian/Pakistani restaurant.
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Not really an expat filter question -- I grew up watching cricket, but haven't watched much since I moved here about twenty years ago. A friend asked if I could help her understand the rules of the game, preferably by watching a match with her. I'm agreeable (and excited about reconnecting, however briefly, with a sport that meant so much to me when I was younger) but have no idea how to go about doing this. Online would be fine too, if you feel like sending me a MeMail, Grrlscout. If not, I'll go bother the restaurateurs on Coney Island Avenue.
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I'm not sure if they do but maybe you can try calling up Chip Shop?
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Try calling the bar Floyd in Brooklyn, or Iona in Brooklyn. They might know.
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Sorry for the lag in my response - this didn't show in my recent activity for some reason!

If there's a particular reason you want to watch WI cricket, the first day of the third WI test just started yesterday (delayed because of problems with the wicket), so it will run through Thursday this week. You'll probably want to wait until the fifth test if you want a weekend of watching cricket. (fifth test starts Fri 6 March)

That being said: the second SA-Australia test is at the same time. (6-10 March) Much, much better class of cricket - two of the top teams, recent ODI series in Australia between them to spice up the rivalry. I'd watch this one, particularly with a newbie.

Setanta sports shows cricket - in particular the IPL. If you're planning on watching cricket with a newbie, I'd recommend a T20 or ODI. It's basically cricket, if it isn't the finer side of the sport. It's also over in a couple of hours, which means that if she doesn't like cricket, there's an escape valve. IPL 2009 fixture
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