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Help me making an inflammatory, filter-friendly but ultimately cute/funny Xbox Live gamertag.

The elements here we need to keep in mind:

(1) 15 letters or numbers is the cap.

(2) There are some obvious words that won't make it through the filter (Sex, most swear words, etc.), but some that will (Taint, Nuttz, etc.)

(3) I am gay, and since being on Xbox Live = being called a "fag" by some 12 year-old, I would like to put this out there in the most amusing and inciting manner possible. For example, names like "LanceBassOwnzYu" or "ActuallyGay" or "THATkindofBear" are all contenders for my final name.

(4) If it isn't explicitly gay, then it has to be something really eye-grabbing, like "AnitaBottomlick" or "VinceFrmShamWow." Let your creative juices flow.

(5) "HeyDadHowzJail" is my current frontrunner, but it seems very weak. Please help me break through my lack of creativity. :-(
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It means "Yo' Mama" in Spanish.
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LuvXBoxAndImGay, for the straightforward approach
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SuMadre is already taken. PenguinPr0nFTW, however, is still available.
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damn it! hersheyhighwaylvr is too long.
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It might slip by the censors.
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my s/n
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I always enjoyed playing Halo with names that were like "a shoe" or "Grandma." Because then you get in-game announcements like, "You assassinated Grandma," or "You were killed by a shoe."

You could maybe just be "A gay dude" or something similar. Maybe "Gayness."

YOU WERE KILLED BY GAYNESS has a nice ring to it.
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bundleofsticks (as a faggot is a bundle of sticks) - might be too highbrow for your normal 14 year old homophobe, though.
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leatherandfur (as you at least suggested you're a bear) - although, some might think you're a bdsm furry.
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Uh, hersheyhwylover is 15 exactly.
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hilarious. i went through like 5 different shortenings of hersheyhighwaylover and all of them clocked in at 16+. why i didn't think of hwy is beyond me.
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Ah, this is a fun game to play.

I was playing TF2 yesterday as "nutmilk moustache." You're welcome to use that one.

Although with an Xbox Live gamertag, are you locked in to the name you choose for a long period of time? The joke-name thing works better, in my opinion, when you can change it up at will. For longer lasting names and for tattoos, better to stick with something you'll know you'll still be happy with down the road.
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CapnFudgePack. It even has a slightly military feel, which makes it excellent for Halo. Also in the running for things that make insecure boys nervous in the virtual service, RumSodomyLash might work, too, though it's a bit obscure.
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Keep in mind that it's not just a filter, if your gamertag is flagged as inappropriate by someone after it passes through the 'filter', you could still be required to change it.
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something to bear in mind is that the current filter-friendly way to reference a penis in gamertags is to use this series of characters: lllD

as you may notice, it looks a little bit like a penis.
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MyLittlePwnie is the most awesome gamertag I've ever heard, but I'm sure its taken. You could do some variant of it that would still get the point across, though.
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MyLittlePwnie was mentioned in this thread, which might be another source of inspiration.
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How about HEEEEEeeeeyyyy! or Ohh_Snap_Girl! for something unlikely to be ruled inappropriate but still makes the point.
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Also, keep in mind that the name should be easily spoken by other players either in its full or abbreviated form. Using "nutmilk moustache" as an example, someone using a headset would have no problem saying "Nutmilk there's a guy behind you!" This can't be said for names like Bpwnr, although the pun in that is amusing. Even names like "ActuallyGay" are difficult to abbreviate, since it doesn't feeel right to call somebody "Actually."

Oh man, there are just so many, especially if you're going for some homoerotic flavor since all the best names are at least a little gay to start. Just off the top of my head, I mean, you could go with Meat Fever, or Beef Injector, hell, why not Beef Injectee. Taint Misbehavin? Or keep it short and sweet with something like Manlog? Manthrob? Mancanyon? Coque Goblin? So many choices...
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as you may notice, it looks a little bit like a penis.

Maybe |||||||||||D would be better? (hey, you have up to 14 | ! )

Peggynature has a great idea. How about FierceSasahay so "you were killed by a FierceSashay"? Or maybe a drag name? My favorite drag queen name ever was a lady named TequilaMockingbird (which is alas too long)
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These have all been pretty helpful suggestions. I have "best answered" the most helpful posts, and welcome further answers.

Leapfrogging from adipocere's idea, I decided to go to "Sgt Fgt." It combines the greatness of rank, with homosexuality and a well-known slur (esp. in Xbox land). It is also easily spoken (if done proper), and thanks to kprincehouse for the suggestion.

Yes, I do realize that there is a "second filter" of being flagged as inappropriate -- but if that happens, that is completely fine -- I have plenty of these other suggestions to take on in case this name gets bannz0red.

Thanks again.
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That can be shortened to "tquilamockinbrd" without being too abstruse, I think.
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I think Cpt. Fgt. rolls off the tongue better. So to speak. Easier to call out during games, too.

My luck though, I'll run into all the timmies that you've riled up... then again, maybe they'll be easier to shoot when they're apoplectic.
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Can I slightly derail and ask what your experience with XBL has been like so far as an openly gay male?

For my senior writing thesis I had to do something on digital communications and I chose to do a discourse analysis of Xbox Live. I spent a week at a time using various gamer tags that led people to believe I was various minorities. I caught a lot more shit from people when I had gamertags that were openly acknowledging minority status. The worst was the week I spent with the gamertag "gaykid." It was like wearing a chicken suit in a crocodile tank.

(not a chicken suit like a mascot chicken, but a suit made of actual dead chickens."
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