We need Girl Talk!
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Where can I find an online version of the 1980's board game Girl Talk?

We'd like to play Girl Talk at a party tomorrow night, which I fear is not enough time to order the game from eBay. My internet search was fruitless, so I turn to the hive mind. Please help me find a website that lists the girly questions/dares from the original 1980's board game Girl Talk. Thanks!!!
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Some quick googling led me nowhere, but did you consider looking at a Goodwill or other local thrift store? Every one around here seems to have at least one copy of Girl Talk kicking around as every teenage girl in the 80's (and into the 90's) had owned it.
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Not sure this is the correct version, but have you tried ebay?
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yep, that's it on eBay but I need it by tomorrow night. It's not really worth it to pay the extra shipping etc. I will try a thrift store tonight if I can but I don't feel too optimistic about that
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